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DeWoolfson comforters, pillows & mattress toppers . . . made in a timeless European tradition.

Austrian and German-engineered down-proof fabric and all-European white goose down fills.

  • Choose from the world's finest and most trusted downproof fabrics, including cotton cambric, finely woven batiste, and our lightest fabric made from a natural Tencel©/cotton blend.
  • Only responsibly sourced, all-European white goose down, in your choice of 650, 750, 850, or rare 900 fill power. Washed and processed in the USA.
  • Choose from our 5 comforter warmth levels or have a “dual-zone” made just for you both.
  • Baffled-box design. Our comforters are constructed with a network of internal baffled walls, with internal seams, that allows the down to reach its maximum loft.
  • Our down pillows are available in your choice of 7 fills and slightly overstuffed. Guaranteed downproof.
  • Every comforter and pillow is individually filled for you at the time of order for shipment usually within one or two business days.