DEWOOLFSON® Lycella Bed Linens

Bed linens that feel more cottony than cotton and almost as silky as silk

Lycella® bed linens by DeWoolfson have been a staple for us for over 25 years. With a feel more cottony than cotton, and nearly as silky as silk, these linens are made from 100% natural Tencel® lyocell developed originally by the Austrian firm, Lenzing. The lyocell used for DeWoolfson's Lycella is made from sustainable, farm grown eucalyptus fiber in an environmentally low-impact closed system. With a smooth and soft sateen weave, Lycella sheets and duvet covers drape around you like silk. And lyocell naturally absorbs body humidity quickly for a comfortable sleep, evaporating it into the air much faster than cotton, helping to maintain temperature balance and inhibit bacterial growth.