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Silk comforters are the perfect hypoallergenic natural alternative to down.  Like down, they drape around you, conforming to every body curve, enveloping you when you sleep. They are comfortable in the summer and winter, insulating while absorbing and releasing body humidity faster than cotton. And silk is naturally hypoallergenic, and never produces lint.

DEWOOLFSON brand silk-filled comforters are made with your choice of four coverings: cotton sateen, heavy weight silk satin, light weight habotai silk, and a light weight cotton voile. All are filled with the finest hand-pulled, Mulberry silk floss. We evaluated many types of silk fill, including wild Tussah silk and lesser qualities of Mulberry floss, but in the end decided that the hand-pulled quality was worth the additional cost. These comforters were carefully designed by DEWOOLFSON and made for us by our partners in the famous silk region of China.

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$19 per comforter within the continental U.S.


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