How should I care for and clean my down comforter?

All down comforters should be covered with a protective duvet cover and therefore need very infrequent cleaning. When you must clean it, DeWoolfson suggests that you have your comforter professionally laundered in water. We do not recommend dry cleaning fluid. Spot clean the outer fabric as needed. Launder your duvet cover regularly as you do your bed linens.

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Down comforters, especially larger sizes or heavier weights, should not be washed at home. But if you choose to do so keep this in mind. Most comforters are too large for home washers and for most top-loading laundromat washers, and if the fabric is torn by the agitator the down can escape, damaging your washer and possibly causing the water to overflow onto the floor. Do not use an agitator-style washer. Comforters must be dried thoroughly, often requiring several hours in a large format or commercial dryer set on low heat. Drying time will depend upon size & weight/warmth level. It should be removed frequently throughout the drying process to fluff. Be careful that the comforter, due to its size, does not expand and block the escape of hot air from the dryer, resulting in a scorched comforter and a risk of fire. A down product should not be left in a dryer unattended. If there are areas where there seems to be little down, it is almost always due to the down still being wet in that area. Fluff and continue to dry. Professional laundries should be fully capable of managing their cleaning process. After washing, never store in plastic, but allow to air for several days. Your DEWOOLFSON Down product came with a breathable bag. For assistance in cleaning your comforter, please call us at 828.963.4147 or 1.800.833.3696