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DEWOOLFSON has been doing business with family-owned Abyss & Habidecor™ for over 14 years. For over 30 years, Abyss & Habidecor has been in the business of producing quality bath linens and they have remained an industry leader because of their superior quality and great customer service. Their factory resides in the Portuguese city of Viseu, where the owner and founder, Celso de Lemos, spent his youth.

The Abyss & Habidecor Story


What makes Abyss bath towels so special?

They say, “Creating the 'Best' towel began with the selection of the cotton we would use to make the Abyss towel. Like a fine meal; great results are born from carefully selected fresh ingredients. With that idea in mind, we chose to use 2-ply Giza 70 Egyptian Cotton. Giza 70 is named for the year 1970; during this time when the cotton was harvested, it was declared a superior crop because of the staple length. Fact: Abyss & Habidecor towels are the only towel in the world made of this extraordinary cotton. This special cotton is grown in Egypt: at the mouth of the Nile River, a region known throughout the world as the perfect environment to cultivate cotton. Giza 70 cotton is classified as ELS, Extra Long Staple. A staple is defined as fiber that can be spun to create a yarn. ELS cotton has an exceptional staple length of 1 3/8” to 1 1/2”. Spinners only need to put a soft twist on ELS cotton to create a yarn, and the result is a cotton yarn that is extremely absorbent, strong, very soft and relatively lint-free.  
Abyss & Habidecor color stack

How are they made?

Building a Giza 70 towel begins like this: "We set the loom up using the cotton in all three weaving directions of the terry, no shortcuts here. Once the terry is woven; we cut the towels out by size with our unique radius corner; they are then prepared to receive our signature trim. In the careful hands or our expert seamstresses, each towel receives an elegant finish of continuous bias tape, a label (sewn inward so it will not stick out) and a neatly concealed seam on the side. The seam is never on the corners – it would create a point of stress on the towels. By using this method, the towels are pre-shrunk and will maintain their size and shape for the life of the product. Then off to the dye baths – Our solid color towels are piece dyed – for a number of reasons. We only use dyes which are human and environmentally friendly. All water used for dying is sent to an onsite state of the art recycling tanks, where it is treated and reused. The towel, bias tape, and label are all one beautiful color. Our facility is Oeko-Tex certified – ensuring our products are safe for all.” ...written by Abyss & Habidecor™. 

Customer favorites.

Super Pile bath towels are the thickest, most luxurious towels you will find, incorporating 100% Giza 70 Egyptian cotton in a super hefty 700 grams per square meter. Each towel is finished with elegant curved corners. The continuous bias trim has been tested and found to be superior in absorption, durability, and colorfastness.

Twill bath towels are woven from the finest 100% GIZA 70 Egyptian cotton in a subtle twill design. This 500 grams per square meter "spa towel" is light and absorbent. Twill is the lighter version of the Super Pile towel collection with the same signature bias tape trim.  Pousada bath towel collection is lightweight and fast-drying. A waffle-like weave makes these towels very absorbent and soft to the touch. Must Plush bath rug is luxuriously soft and fluffy. Your feet will love this! Made with 100% Giza long-staple Egyptian cotton and available in 60 bright, bold and beautiful colors. Reversible bath rug is designed with a plush center on one side and a nubby texture on the other. Made with 100% Giza long-staple Egyptian cotton, this rug is also available in 60 colors. 

How to launder Abyss & Habidecor Towels & Rugs?

We recommend cold water wash. Tumble dry at low temperatures. Do not wash towels and rugs together. Always wash towels separately from other home textiles and garments (zippers, hooks, snaps, and velcro can pull terry loops.) Use maximum water and ½ the recommended detergent. Do not use detergents with “Brighteners” or “Bleach Alternatives” – these can remove color. Do not use fabric softeners. They clog cotton fibers and prevent them from wicking moisture. They can also remove color from the rugs and towels. Never use bleach, even on white rugs and towels. Certain cleaning and hygiene products contain ingredients which cause bleaching or staining, some of these include: blemish creams, products containing alpha hydroxy and fruit acid, hair coloring products, some bathroom cleansers, and teeth whiteners. Never vacuum rugs. Do not Dry Clean. Do not iron.