Help, my pillow is too soft or too firm.

If your pillow is too soft or too firm. . .

If you are not completely satisfied with the firmness of your pillow you may return it to us for an adjustment at any time up to one year from your date of purchase. We do charge for additional down or feathers added and for return freight. It takes approximately 4 ounces in a standard size bed pillow to adjust it one step in firmness. You can request as little as one ounce or as much fill as you would like. Each quality and type of down is priced accordingly by the ounce. Please contact customer service for advice and pricing. Any down removed from your pillow will be returned to you in a separate bag, which you may use if needed at a later time. Due to current health concerns, we must temporarily suspend our pillow and comforter adjustment service. We hope to offer this service again in the future.

Our goal is to ensure that your down pillow is exactly the way you want it.
Whether you like it extra soft or prefer a more supportive pillow, we will be glad to customize it for you.

Find our adjustment form here.

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